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Congratulations on Having Achieved the Height of Our Black Belt Program! 

Now is the time to stand with all of the students at this level to perform your Taekwondo or Hapkido requirements in order to get ready for your First Degree of Black Belt Test.  Please Check the Student Quick Start Guide Below:


Bo Staff

We have a standard bo staff for advanced level students.  The bo staff must be kept neat and clean. The bo staff is required for the classes and the events such as all your level classes, belt advancement testings, and black belt test.

Safety Rules for Bo Staff

  1. The mindset is that a bo staff is inherently dangerous and MUST always be handled with care.

  2. MUST treat a Bo staff with respect and strongly discouraged from playing or toying with a Bo staff, a common cause of accidents.

  3. ALWAYS keep a Bo staff pointed in a safe direction.

  4. ALWAYS keep a Bo staff carefully and safely stored until ready to practice.

  5. MUST carry a Bo staff by proper instructions.



Black Belt Test (BBT)

BBT is a separate event from the BAT.  BBT will test candidates mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Make sure to check with your Master or teaching staff members for the schedule so that you can prepare in advance.​  Again, LeeHan teaching staff members will announce the exact date and the time, as well as the testing schedule, several weeks before the exam date to allow enough time for you to plan for the test.  If there are any questions, be sure to ask them for more details.  Please inform Masters at registration of any health considerations (i.e. Asthma, Diabetes, etc.) of which the Masters will need to be aware of during the test. 

The following are the procedures required to participate in the Black Belt exam:

  • Complete LeeHan Black Belt Exam Request Form.

  • Complete Kukkiwon or Hapkido Black Belt Certification Request Form.

  • Submit with 1 passport picture and a proof of your nationality.

Make sure to bring the following items with you to the test: 

  • Full Uniform (T-shirts will not be accepted as part of the uniform)

  • Deputy Belt and Bo staff

  • Martial Arts Shoes (if you normally wear them for class)

  • Athletic shoes and socks (for the running portion of the endurance test)

  • Snacks and beverages (if you want)



Master and/or Teaching staff members will be able to assist you in preparing for the Written Test. 

You may take notes during class, but you will not be allowed to use them during the test.

Refer to  Log-In for the curriculum requirements and Prepare your 1st degree of BBT



Candidates will have 2~3 rounds sparring test (each 1 minute, and 30 second break after each round).  



Group Squats, Jumping jacks, Side steps, or Running - Masters Choice 

Wheelbarrow push-ups & Incline sit ups (each within 1 minute)

FOR YOUR SCORES: (Excellent – 60 and more, Very Good – 50 and more, Good – 30 and more, Satisfactory – Below 20)

Individual Knee Lifts (300)

Burpee with 2 front snap kicks (30)

Jump over straight legs (150)

Running figure 8’s (timed)



Candidates are required to create a timeline of when the student started this program to the present day.



Parents/Spouses/Family Members will be asked to join their new Black Belts for its Ceremony.  Kukkiwon or Hapkido certificate will be available approximately 6 months after the Black Belt Test for the promotion to be processed through Kukkiwon or Hapkido Federation.



There will be time to take a group picture with all the new Black Belts, Staff members, and Masters.

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