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Congratulations New Black Belts! 

Your perseverance and determination have placed you among a very small percentage of martial artists who have achieved this level of accomplishment.  Please Check the Student Quick Start Guide Below:


Nun Chuk

Nunchuks Safety Tips

  • Follow your state's nunchuck laws.  If the martial arts weapons are not prohibited, you must still use extreme care when handling or practicing with them.

  • If you are outside your home state, check the applicable local and state regulations governing the use of nunchucks.

  • Make sure that if they are legal in your state, that you get safety training and practical experience operating nunchucks.

  • Like any dangerous weapon, nunchucks always have the potential to hurt others, whether purposely or accidentally.  If someone is hurt, or property is damaged while you are using nunchaku, you could be held liable in a civil lawsuit, and/or face charges in a criminal court.

  • Never let young children play with or near nunchucks.

  • Never use nunchaku while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.


Some states prohibit the personal possession of nunchucks and nunchaku.  Most states, however, do not.  The following states have laws banning personal nunchuck usage:

Some states allow limited exceptions for nunchaku use only in martial arts studios.



Mentorship Program - Master of Martial Arts

LeeHan is an innovative educational program that provides a really fun, hands-on after-school martial arts program for all ages and fitness levels, is family friendly.  This program shares the same Life values as you, your children, and your families.  Millions of people around the world benefit from practicing this exciting art.  We would like invite you to join this global community.


For those who is 1st degree of Black Belt and higher qualified by Kukkiwon and/or other major martial arts organization.  We are looking for black belts who will share our passion for education, martial arts, and, most importantly, making a difference in lives of our students. 


In order to provide the mentoring and real-world experience that can help black belts prevail, with masters who've worked in the field and internship possibilities at businesses within the field of the martial arts.  You'll be encouraged and expected to be bold, all the while being supported by masters and staff members who will help you to thrive.  To take risks.  To push yourself and the people around you.  So if your heart is telling you that you belong in this field, you belong here.  It's the hardest thing you'll ever love.  Mentorship Program for Master of Martial Arts Learning Objectives and duties are shown below.

  • Black belts should be able to learn about how to manage a dojang, programs, events, marketing, business relationship building, students and parents management, maintenance, supply, and accounting.  There are many opportunities to apply enhanced knowledge and to build hands-on experiences.

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