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Congratulations on Your Recent Promotion to the Intermediate Level.

At this level of training, students have developed skills that allow them to be able to participate in Olympic sparring.

Please Check the Student Quick Start Guide Below:


Sparring Gear

We have a standard sparring gear for intermediate level students.  The sparring gear must be kept neat and clean.  

The sparring gear is required for the class and the event such as every sparring classes, sparring tournaments and

belt advancement testings.

Label all sparring bags with name and a unique identifier (like a colorful string).  Ensure when you leave the student has the correct bag.  Students are responsible for keeping all their gear organized.  They will not be able to spar if they “forget” arm guard or "lost" mouth-guard, for example.

To save time, put on sparring gear in this order:

  1. Groin cup

  2. Shin guard

  3. Then chest protector

  4. Then mouth guard

  5. Then head gear

  6. Finally, Arm guard

 Students should practice putting on gear in less than 2 minutes with minimum help. 



Sparring Class

Our style of free sparring is conducted in a controlled environment with protective equipment to ensure maximum safety and productive learning.  Sparring has always been an essential part of martial arts training, as it allows the student to execute techniques in a practical and controlled setting.  The sparring classes and competitions will be a true test of the student’s physical abilities, as well as his/her mental faculties and fighting spirit.

In order to free spar other students, you will need to purchase specific safety equipment:

Head Gear, Chest Guard, Mouthpiece, Shin/Instep Guards, Fist/Forearm Guards, and Groin Cup (Females optional).  All students will be allowed to wear safety equipment that are available through LeeHan.


It is up to each individual to maintain self-control to minimize the risk of injury to our students and to maximize the benefits from being a sparring competitor.  Anyone who disregards these rules is suspended from sparring privileges.

All students must wear safety equipment when playing in contact sparring.  This includes head gear, chest protector, shin/instep guards, fist/forearm guards and mouthpiece.  Groin supporters are mandatory for male students, and optional for female students.

Equipment not recognized by LeeHan will not be permitted and must be replaced prior to any sparring class (for safety liability reasons).

Child students should ideally practice against senior students.  Child students can attack senior students without fear of being injured, and senior students can work on technical control against child students.

No free sparring is allowed without the supervision of a Master or Instructor.  Do not spar while class is in session unless permitted by a Master or Instructor.

Students will be allowed to begin group sparring at the rank of Green Belt.  All white, yellow, and orange belts are required to spar only under the direct supervision of a Master or Instructor

Excessive contact is strictly prohibited

Always stop sparring immediately when told to “break”

Light head contact is allowed for only advanced level and black belts.


Sparring Terminology


Blue - Chung

Red - Hong

Attention Stance - Cha Ryot

Bow - Gyong Neh

Fighting Stance - Gyu Ru Gee Jun Bee

Begin - See Jak

Break - Gal Lyu

Continue - Gae Sok

Stop - Goh Man

Half Point Deduction - Gyeng Go

One Point Deduction - Gam Jum

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