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About Master Han

He was born in the port city of Busan, South Korea.  He started Taekwondo training when he was 6 years old.  He was fortunate enough to attend the martial arts academy which was granted to only one student in each province.

Since then, He has competed in numerous tournaments and won several international and national championships.  He served in the Special Forces and has had the privilege to teach special martial arts used for hand to hand combat against an enemy militant.  Martial Arts training and studying experience since 1986, and working in military service, He has learned that appearing too strong will make others fear you but appearing too weak will make others look down on you.  Therefore, the key is to strike a balance.

First national championship in S. Korea

National Championship 

Master Han won national championships.

Win at the national championship in S. Korea

International Championship 

Master Han and his team won international championships.

Winter Training of the Speciap Foreces in S. Korea

Special Forces 

Master Han is former special forces instructor.

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