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LeeHan Martial Arts teaches Taekwondo to people of all ages and fitness levels.  Join us and learn self defense, build a positive mental attitude and also improve confidence and focus.  In this year-round online program, you may derive from learning Taekwondo.  Self-discipline, Self-confidence, Concentration, & Leadership development, are mentioned by students and parents as some of the key benefits.  Millions of people around the world benefit from practicing this exciting art.  We would like to invite you to join this online global community.  



This course gives you the opportunity to complete each chapter technique at the most convenient time for you throughout the day/week/month/year.  Classes are not live with the master in real-time, but videos created by the master or posted by the master are pre-recorded and can be paused and replayed however many times you like or need.  You can record yourself doing the techniques you learn each day/week/month/year and post it.  Masters will provide positive and encouraging feedback to each student.  *NOTE: Fees do not include safety equipment, belt testing, and special event fees**

2-Month of Unlimited Taekwondo Online 

Enrollment & Program fee $84

6-Month of Unlimited Taekwondo Online (10% off)

Enrollment & Program fee $130



You watch live classes as they're happening, in real-time, from anywhere with an Internet connection.  We will send you a link after your registration is verified.  We suggest you plan out an area in your room to keep clear for working out.  Please note all of our classes are on U.S. Central Standard Time.  Students and masters meet multiple times at scheduled times for having live video chats and also it will be monitored for safety and quality.  They can have discussions via the online classroom and share private messages with the master and also this is great for engaging projects and interacting with diverse classmates from other states and countries.  *NOTE: Fees do not include safety equipment, belt testing, and special event fees**


One Month of Taekwondo Zoom

Enrollment & Program fee $200

6-Month Prepay
(10% off)

Enrollment & Program fee $630



This program provides comprehensive exposure to current applications related to the martial arts such as:

- Positive mental attitude, Korean terminology, & Culture of respect

- Kicking combination, Self defense, Form, Breaking, Sparring, Bo staff, Nunchuck techniques, & more



When you complete this program, you should be able to:

Discuss about values of positive mental attitude

Pronounce the Korean terminologies

Perform how to kicking combination, self-defense, form, breaking, sparring, bo staff, nunchuck techniques, & more


Once students have finished present chapter techniques, they are ready for their next level test online and they may move to the next chapter so students can continue this program.  Please make sure students complete the stripe test procedures before the BAT (check out the introduction video below).  There are 10 chapters to complete the black belt program.  Once students complete the 10 chapters, they are ready for their Black Belt Test online (BBT).



Wear something comfortable (shorts, sweatpants, and a t-shirt will do/ no sneakers needed, no other equipment is needed at this time).  Encourage the use of a desktop, laptop computer, or TV screen for a better view.



This program is for all levels, and is family friendly.  Taekwondo is statistically the most safe and least injurious sport as dictated by the International Olympic Committee.  So join us and have a surprisingly fun and memorable time!  Students will be involved in a physical activity as part of P.E.  This program advises parents of any potential hazards (including, but not limited to, needing an open workout space, close-toe shoes, a water bottle if needed, and adequate stretching beforehand) as well as injuries that can occur if not properly supervised in the Parental Guidance.

Kendra F. on Nov 17

This was my 13yo's first experience with martial arts and he was thoroughly happy with all he learned. On to the next class!

Cat V. on Nov 5

My child loved this class! The format was great as an introduction to Taekwondo. Master Han is energetic and engaging. Great class!

Jenny H. on Oct 30 

My daughter loved the class. She turned 15 while taking it and we were using it for her PE requirement for homeschooling.

She went from being hesitant to enthusiastic and excited about attending. It has been a great experience!!

Nancy N. on Oct 30 

Very worthwhile class for my 13 year old. I love that Master Han teaches respect as one of the first things in class

Jinsun K. on Aug 28

Master has is very professional, responsive, passionate and fun! My 11 year-old wanted to know the basics of Taekwondo and this online class served her right. Great class!

Dawna L. on Jul 25

Master Han is VERY energetic and FUN for this age group. My daughter loved the 8 week session and hopes to continue in the future.


Pre-Recorded Video Lessons & Zoom-Based Online Class  

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