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What is LeeHan Martial Arts Academy?

​LeeHan is the largest provider of high-quality, interactive classes for K-12, in the Chicago land area. We help schools and districts significantly expand their elective course catalog and support capacity.


  We help students discover their interests and help schools offer the elective course to students through positive group learning experiences that take place in your school.

Students can get the right help for learning new things and explore fun enrichment topics
Take the first step to bringing classes to your school

LeeHan offers Asian American Martial Arts programs.  Classes meet at your school.  Instructors offer different topics from: history, culture of respect, a positive mental attitude, Korean terminology and also kicking communication, self-defense, form, and breaking techniques.


Our Advantage

LeeHan helps districts and schools expand access to students and offers unique benefits: 

    • Pre-vetted, passionate instructors: Instructors of LeeHan teach classes about topics they love.  And also They are fully vaccinated and have completed background checks.  

    • Unique Electives and Enrichment: Empower your students to discover AND spend more time learning what they love.  LeeHan provides safe, social, and fun learning experiences unlike any other program

    • Cost savings: A typical class costs $95 per student including a month of classes.  With LeeHan, you gain access for the budget impact of one full-time hire.

    • Loved by students: Our mission is to inspire students to love learning, and it shows!  LeeHan classes have 206+ 5-star reviews, and we've worked with 615+ students!

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Melyssa Cordero, Master Han is an amazing taekwondo instructor! Very Amazing, inspiring, and patient!

Daniel Gould, LeeHan is amazing. My sons have not only improved in their physical health and strength, they've become more mindful and disciplined in good habits as well. Masters Lee and Han are wonderful instructors, and our family feels very fortunate to have them as teachers and role models to our kids.


Cynthia Odom, Lee Han Martial Arts is awesome they work with the children they serve and teach them discipline, respect, and encourage responsibility at home and school.

Stephanie NotSteph HR, We are newer with LeeHan but I have already seen my son coming out of his shell and being more confident when he speaks. Both masters are great with the kids and make learning fun! I would definitely recommend them everyone :)

Shawn Horn, Master Han and Master Lee are wonderful knowledgeable and patient instructors. We love coming here!


Pete F. Master Lee and Master Han are simply the best!  They have high expectations for their students and work tirelessly to ensure that each student does the best he or she can.  The program is rigorous and builds students' confidence and self-control.  And just as a important--everyone has a lot of fun! LeeHan Martial Arts is a first class organization.  I cannot offer a higher recommendation!.

Rebecca M. My husband and two teenage daughters started studying Taekwondo with LeeHan about 3 months ago.  I would highly recommend them to anyone at any age looking to study Taekwondo.  Master Lee and Master Han have such passion for teaching, and they embody the perfect combination of skills to use positivity to instill respect and focus into their students. When watching classes, I was immediately impressed when I observed the student/Master interactions. Master Lee and Master Han also get to know each student personally, as well as non-student family members (such as myself) who attend and observe. They genuinely care about each of their students. My kids have shown better respect and have more confidence, all while learning control and self-defense.

Master Han is internationally acclaimed and he is recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as being part of a small percentage of individuals who has risen up to the very top of their field.  He has also served in Special Forces and served as the head coach at USA Taekwondo.  In addition to being recognized by the respected organizations, he has received major internationally recognized awards, similar to a Nobel Prize.


Currently only 1% of the instructors in the United States use the appropriate curriculum, teaching methods, and positive interactions of the martial arts.  Classes are taught under the direction of Masters Lee and Han.  LeeHan's teaching staff members are instructors who are part of the exclusive 1%.  

This consists of: Bachelor of Martial Arts & Physical Education and also MBA. 

Total of 17th degrees in Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo and Hapkido, Japanese Martial Arts Judo, and Chinese Martial Arts Sanda.


Learn more how LeeHan can expand learning opportunities for your students                                                                     ​


Asian American Martial Arts Program Designed for School Enrichment

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