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Why Teach at LeeHan?

Share your knowledge and experience.  Empower your students to discover & spend more time learning what they love.

1. Teach motivated students

Work with students who have chosen to be in your class.

2. Simple lesson plans

We do our best to simplify the class management, so you can focus on crafting the class experience.

3. Earn money flexibly

Teach classes at LeeHan and Schools and get higher pay.

​LeeHan is the largest provider of high-quality, interactive classes for K-12, in the Chicago land area. We also work with schools and districts significantly expand their elective course catalog and support capacity.


LeeHan does not require formal teaching credentials.  We believe that many adults can offer quality learning experiences based on their expertise and interests.  We do, however, have several requirements, detailed below.  Instructors need to fulfill these requirements to become and to remain a teacher at LeeHan:

  • You must have one or more expertise or passion that you will base your classes around.

  • You must meet our community standards, including prompt, professional communication with families, students, partners, & the LeeHan team. 

  • You must observe our class policy, including the policy that LeeHan classes are secular and objective.

  • You must have a good command of written and spoken English.

  • You must pass a background check and also complete MRT/CFS689/CANTS 22, Child sexual abuse awareness, & NDA.


Steps to Apply

You’ll need to take the following steps to become an approved instructor at LeeHan.
1. Familiarize yourself with LeeHan
First, understand the basics of teaching at LeeHan. Check out the online resources at

Consult articles throughout the online resources.  We also have a Facebook & YouTube channel for prospective teachers.

2. Complete your Background Check
Next, you will need to begin your background check (CFS689 & CANTS 22 forms attached). These are performed by the Department of Children and Family Services, and they’re secure and private. Once your background check clears, you can officially join our community of instructors!  (you may be rejected or terminated based on an unacceptable background check).

3. Complete Required Trainings

Once your background check clears, you will need to complete the required trainings,

Mandated Reporter Training (MRT), Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Education, Quiz, and Curriculum Requirements.   You must provide us your Certificate of Completion of MRT prior to your arrival at LeeHan.  Here are the links to do the on-line trainings:

How to start, manage, and end class

Weekly exercise plans

Taekwondo curriculum requirements

  • Class Management (the form attached above).

These trainings cover our Class Policies, Curriculum/Exercise Plans/Topics, Safety, and Privacy, which will prepare you to teach your first LeeHan class.

  • Application Form (the form attached above).  Please complete each section in the form, and attach your picture ID and certificate.

4. Complete your public teacher profile

You’ll be prompted next to complete your public teacher profile, which families can view on our site to learn more about you.  Introduce yourself to students, their families, partners, and team members (What is your family’s approach to learning?).  Here’s an example of a complete teacher profile for reference.

9062-1007 copy.jpg

NAME: Master Lee

I am passionate about teaching Taekwondo and Hapkido to children and adults. I've participated in many competitions and traveled with my university's demonstration team training and performing in a variety of locations.  After all i fell in love with TaeKwonDo and other Martial Arts, i started to pursue my Bachelor's degree at the Yong-In University majoring in Taekwondo and Total Martial Arts, earning my degree in 2006.  I also hold a total of 17th degrees in Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo and Hapkido and also Japanese Martial Arts Judo.  I not only teach them the intricate skills of martial arts but models patience and compassion in my care for my students

ABOUT ME: She was born in Seoul, South Korea, the second of four children.  She didn't start Martial Arts at a very young age because she was athletic in all kinds of sports and competed with her elementary school's track team.  The coach at the school she graduated from wanted her to go to a c